Welcome to WebFloor

Simple web application development with Java that enables using WYSIWYG web design tools.


WebFloor or its shortened name WoOF (Web on OfficeFloor) is a Java web application framework built on OfficeFloor (a multi-threaded dependency injection container) that dramatically simplifies the development of Java web applications. In doing so it:

WebFloor is freely distributed under GPL (LGPL also available on request) and the source is available here.


  • focuses on simplicity in building web applications - just requires POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects)
  • provides web page instrumentation without intrusive tags that allows the raw page to be viewed in a browser
  • really does allow Graphic Designers to focus on presentation and Developers on functionality
  • Eclispe plug-in to graphically wires together the web application's navigation that also provides a visual overview of the web application
  • simple integration of GWT and servicing of RPC (AJAX) calls via a POJO (no RemoteServiceServlet required) to provide Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • comet (AJAX push / reverse AJAX) functionality for the GWT client that is supported on the server side by a simple publish API that encapsulates a highly scalable threading implementation
  • JEE Servlet Filter that enables integrating WoOF functionality into your existing JEE web applications without change

Start Using

For a quick introduction to using WoOF within an existing web application:

Otherwise to start using WoOF:

  • Add the following maven dependency to your project:
  • Install the OfficeFloor Eclipse plug-ins.
  • Take a few moments to read the tutorials to find out more.